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2007 Emergency Communications Room Project

Walmart 1879 E Sherman Blvd., Muskegon, MI.

Donated $1000.00 for Computer monitors, UPS systems for Skywarn Operations.

Meijer, Inc. 1800 Holton Rd., North Muskegon, MI.

Donated $500.00 toward a flat screen TV for Skywarn Operations.


2011 Auxiliary Generator Project

Allen J. Pepping, KV8X, Muskegon, MI.  Donated a 30 KVW Generator with trailer.

Gross Gates, N8GMY, Select Manufacturing Services, Inc.   Donated paint and painting labor for trailer body.

James Hain, Sr., KA8QYM, Montague, MI.  Donated labor and material for electrical wiring.

James Hain, Jr., KC8FJB, Montague, MI.  Donated labor for wiring the electrical distribution system.

Ray Gundy, Gundy’s Garage.  Rothbury, MI.  Donated labor and material for the generator trailer framework, and generator exhaust system.

Muskegon County Sheriff, Emergency Services Division. Muskegon, MI.  Donated funding for sand blasting and primer paint for trailer.


2013 VHF/UHF Repeater Project

Newkirk Electrical Associates, Inc. Muskegon, MI.  Donated labor, and antenna parts to install our 147.320, and 444.950 MHz repeaters on our north tower site.  Giving us added repeater coverage for Skywarn operations in Northern Muskegon County, along with the capability of linking our two VHF Repeaters together giving us county-wide coverage.

Our donation from Newkirk Electrical Associates is valued at over $20,000.00.


2014 Communications Support Vehicle

WOOD-TV 8. Grand Rapids, MI. Donated a 1993 Ford, E-350  Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Van.

Terry Lohman, Twin Cities Parts and Service, Whitehall, MI.  Donated parts and labor to repair the rusted out brake lines on the van.

Norm Hosko, Muskegon, MI.  Donated labor on installing Aux Generator exhaust system, Generator enclosure, and installing a trailer hitch on the van.

White Lake Automotive. Whitehall, MI.  Donated heater repair parts for the van.

Emergency Services Company, Muskegon, MI.  Donated a Federal Signal Light bar.

White Lake Fire Authority, Whitehall, MI.  Donated used siren speaker, and mounting bracket.

Jim Rogers, Northern Lights and Sirens, Manistee, MI.  Donated a Federal Signal Directional Traffic Stick for the rear of the van.

Muskegon Community College, Criminal Justice Department.  Muskegon, MI.  Donated orange traffic cones, and a rechargeable flashlight.

Kendall Electric, Inc., Muskegon, MI.  Donated electrical fittings.

John Allen, WAXT-FM-LP, Whitehall, MI.  Donated 19 inch blank rack panels for mounting equipment in the vehicle.

Muskegon Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 99, Muskegon, MI.  Donated $140.00 to purchase a replacement mobile Air Conditioner cover that had been damaged beyond repair.