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SKYWARN is a special joint effort between the American Radio Relay League's Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the National Weather Service (NWS), as called for by the Memorandum of Understanding between the ARRL and the NWS. It is the position of the National Weather Service and the Muskegon County Emergency Communication Services, that trained spotters shall attend a SKYWARN training class every other year. Training may be taken with any county or municipality, although annual training from MCECS is recommended in Muskegon County.

The purpose of the Muskegon County SKYWARN is to provide useful severe weather-related information to the National Weather Service Office in Grand Rapids, Michigan so that they may better carry out its duty to protect life, property, and commerce in its County Warning Area (CWA).

Skywarn volunteers donate thousands of hours each year, and use there own personal radio equipment and vehicles to give there communities advance warning of life threatening weather conditions. Since the NWS instituted the SKYWARN Program, there has been a significant decrease in death rate due to tornadoes and other severe weather. Accurate and reliable information from the general public is difficult to obtain. The NWS has found that only regular trained weather spotters improves the quality of information. The National Weather Service brings the weather knowledge, the Amateur Radio Service brings its expertise in emergency communications, and together they work with local government to assure safety to the citizens of Muskegon County.

Contact Muskegon County’s Skywarn Coordinator Jeff Stapel, W8SWX at this address.

Download 2015 Spring Skywarn Training Flyer