Muskegon County Emergency Communication  Services, Inc.


1903 Marquette Ave. Suite J
Muskegon, Michigan


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                                              Nonprofit Status

M.C.E.C.S. was incorporated in the State of Michigan on October 2006 as a nonprofit Corporation, Now exempt from Federal Income Tax under 501 (c3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This status allows M.C.E.C.S. to receive grants and donations, with a taxable deduction available to donors in the U.S.

As volunteers by FCC rules we can not charge for our services. Our support comes from donations only.

Donation can be sent in the form of a check or money order to:

1611 E. Oak Avenue
Suite 104
Muskegon, Michigan 49442
(231) 724-6046

For more information contact us via E-mail here.

Muskegon County Emergency Communication Services Fund

MCECS has teamed up with Community Foundation for Muskegon County and have establish a Fund by using the Community Foundation’s “Build a Fund” Plan. Under this Plan all contributions and earned investment income accumulated in the Fund are reinvested in the investment account until the Account has reached at least $10,000.00, The accumulated amount shall be used to establish a Named Endowment Fund as described in our agreement.

Taxpayers can generate a total contribution to the Fund, worth more than three times its actual out-of-pocket cost! This astonishing effect is created via the Michigan TAX CREDIT for Community Foundations.

The law permits a taxpayer to reduce Michigan Income or Single Business Tax Liability by a credit of 50% of the amount contributed to the foundation subject to a maximum credit of:

Single Taxpayer $100.00 for an individual filing single.
(based on the maximum contribution of $200)

Joint Taxpayer $200.00 for married couple filing jointly
(based on the maximum contribution of $400)

Estate or Trust $5000.00 or 10% of liability before claiming
any credits, whichever is less, For a resident estate or trust
(based on maximum contribution of 10,000.00)

Single Business $5000.00 or 5% of tax liability before claiming
any credits, whichever is less, for taxpayers Filing Michigan Single Business Tax returns.
(based on maximum contribution of 10,000.00)

For more info or contributing to MCECS Fund contact:
Community Foundation for Muskegon County at: