Muskegon County Emergency Communication  Services, Inc.

1903 Marquette Ave. Suite J
Muskegon, Michigan


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The Muskegon County Emergency Communication Services, Inc. (M.C.E.C.S.) is comprised of licensed amateur (Ham) radio operators who have expressed an interest in providing emergency communication.

M.C.E.C.S. primary mission is providing communication support in time of local emergencies, disasters, Severe Weather events, and the Muskegon County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team. We also provide communication support to nonprofit organizations for activities such as walkathons, bicycle races, and other charitable events.

Amateur Radio Operators have been responsible for saving countless lives in times of emergencies when traditional means of communications may be overloaded or nonfunctional. With the advent of Homeland Security directives the need for Amateur Radio Emergency Communications support is greater than ever.

Our group is primarily tasked with service to Muskegon County, Michigan, we coordinate with other Michigan Counties, the State of Michigan, and Federal Agencies. The prerequisite to join is simple, hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio license, basic communications training, and having the desire to help in time of need. Training is provided free of charge. A basic 2 meter transceiver is all you need to get started.


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